Tickets with Ticket Guarantee that are purchased on 1-12-2022 and after are closed at ticket guarantee N.V.

Ticket guarantee

As an extra service, Yourticketprovider offers you the possibility to buy a ticket guarantee with Yourticketprovider. You'll buy the ticket guarantee for all e-tickets in your order. This costs 8.23%.

This ticket guarantee offers you the possibility to cancel the reserved e-tickets, as stated in the ticket guarantee conditions of YourTicketProvider.

You can cancel in the following cases:

• In the event of death, serious illness, or serious accidental injury of the insured, 1st and 2nd degree family, or house mates of the insured.
• Complications in the pregnancy of the insured person, or the partner.
• Material damage to property, rental accommodation of the insured party, or the company they work for, for which their presence is urgently required.
• A medically necessary procedure that the insured, their partner, or a child living with them must unexpectedly undergo.
• Worsening of an existing illness or accident injury of a family member in the 1st degree, who as a result needs urgent care from the insured and no one other than the insured can provide this care.

You can find the complete warranty conditions from Yourticketprovider here.


You can file a ticket guarantee claim by filling in the claim form (to be requested from Yourticketprovider). After submitting this claim form, you will be requested to cancel your purchased tickets at Yourticketprovider upon acknowledgement of your claim. Once this has been done, Yourticketprovider will proceed to compensation.


For questions about the ticket guarantee you can email the Yourticketprovider help desk at This help desk is open from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, but not on Sundays and holidays. The report can still be made up to 2 days after the event.