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‘Everyone has a story to tell… but not everyone knows how to tell their story.”

The WES Method takes a unique approach to teaching public speaking skills. Our students are taught to excel in every situation despite an ever-changing speaking environment. The tools we offer provide our students with the 3 most important qualities a speaker must possess in order to be successful and effective. We teach you how to tell your story with effect, results and confidence.

The WES Method will teach you the techniques of the storyteller. This ensure that you won’t just have a method that helps in one specific situation. You’ll be able to excel in any situation that involves speaking.

We believe that in order to be successful a speaker needs to have mastered 3 qualities:

1. Awareness of Desired Outcome – the speaker must know exactly what he or she intends to achieve.

2. Awareness of Current Outcome – the speaker must be able to see how his or her message is being received as it happens and whether or not it is being received as intended.

3. Ability to Adapt – the speaker must have the tools and flexibility to change the approach instantly to achieve the desired outcome. If something doesn’t work, adapt and try something else.

By following 7 simple steps that anyone can apply a student of the WES Method learns how to internalize the qualities mentioned above and apply the techniques of the master story teller.

Visit www.thewesmethod.com for more information.

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za 23 jul 2016 om 09:00
zo 24 jul 2016 om 21:00
Dr. J. W. Paltelaan
2712 Zoetermeer


Winston Scholsberg
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