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Scientific research tells us that people who set concrete goals for themselves and act on those goals are often happier and more successful compared to those that don’t. Yet a lot of people spend very little time on formulating their goals. It seems to be a waste of time. Why not just start right away? Because if you travel without knowing where you’re going you will find yourself on a very long road. Maybe you want to finish your study, start your own company, drive a nice car or lose weight? That all starts with formulating a concrete goal.

During this 12 hour transformation Goal Event you will learn how to set your goals and achieve them by taking immediate action. Success guaranteed!

Wanneer en waar?

za 16 jul 2016 om 09:00
zo 17 jul 2016 om 21:00
Dr. J. W. Paltelaan
2712 Zoetermeer


Winston Scholsberg
(070) 345 44 32
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