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"No More Mr Nice Guy"

NB: This online event is in English.

Ey, are you the man who…

- tends to avoid conflict?
- considers yourself a pleaser?
- looks for greater confidence and decisiveness?
- wants to live from a more authentic space?

Then this Intro Webinar is for you!

You’ll be part of an interactive session on how to transition from an ineffective Nice Guy to an Integrated Man.


When & Where: Tuesday 13th September at 20.00 - 22.30 CET on Zoom

Registration fee: €15,- (NB: Limited spaces!)

After registration, you receive an email with more information and a Zoom link to join the webinar that is valid on the day of the session.

REMEMBER this is an INTERACTIVE session. Your engagement is important.


This Introduction gives you an insight into the beneficial effects of brotherhood on your personal development, relationships and professional life.

We will discuss tips to develop a healthier and more assertive attitude towards life, and it offers a presentation of Mankracht’s “No More Mr Nice Guy” course.

You will interact with your trainer Hajee and fellow men who apply themselves to live from their powerful and authentic self as a valuable inspiration to others.

During our Zoom session, the following questions will be answered:

- What exactly is a Nice Guy?
- What is the alternative?
- Why do a No More Mr Nice Guy training?
- What will the upcoming Mankracht Online training look like?
- What can the training offer you as a participant?

Please note that the session has a limited number of open slots.


“The training helped me build a solid foundation to improve myself.”
- Davide Dispenza

“I can only give Hajee my highest recommendations as a personal growth coach. The sessions give me insight to myself and the conditioning driving my actions.”
- Michael Sierra

“You will be held by someone who is not afraid to dive deep into unexplored territories with you. A mix of gentle and fierce compassion, humour and piercing insight invite you to expose what needs to be brought forth.”
- Joost Lekkerkerker

“This has been one to remember.”
- Nick Wong


Pleasing behaviour can be a major obstacle in both your relationship and your professional life. Withholding or telling only part of your truth usually provides a short-term advantage, but in the long run you will inevitably get it back on your plate. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of "not being OK the way you are" are usually the underlying negative beliefs that lead to pleasing behaviour.

In order to avoid these fears, men flee on the one hand in the pleasing Nice Guy identity and on the other hand in the tough "I know it all" Macho identity. While the Nice Guy generally struggles with recognizing his masculine qualities, the Macho struggles more with embracing his feminine qualities. Both the Nice Guy and the Macho are fear-based identities.

Power of community and brotherhood are of great help in the process of releasing these fear-driven identities. You get motivated when you are surrounded by men who support you, men who challenge you and men who trust you. Speaking your truth (raw and vulnerable) and the ability to accept all your emotions are powerful tools to make your life more authentic and real.


After intermediate stations in engineering, making music, Zen meditation, vipassana and tantra, Hajee has dedicated himself to working with men. He runs Mankracht (in Dutch literally “Man Power”) as a full-time trainer and coach since 2017.

With strong presence, empathy and fresh humor, he provides "No More Mr Nice Guy" trainings, anger workshops and presentation skills courses for both individuals and companies.

As a father, partner, colleague and friend, Hajee’s mission is to bring men together, and create spaces where men can again inspire and support each other.

“The world is in desperate need of authentic men who have the courage to give their unique gift to the world. I am convinced that men need each other right now to shape masculinity in a new way. A masculinity that fits the 21st century.”
- Hajee Pepping, Mankracht trainer


Upcoming LIVE Basic Training: https://www.mankracht.org/Workshops/LIVE-Basic-Training-(ENG)

For private coaching with Hajee: https://www.mankracht.org/Contact

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