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"No More Mr Nice Guy"

An interactive session about the transition from a Nice Guy to an Integrated Man.

- Are you the man who tends to avoid conflict?
- Do you consider yourself a pleaser?
- Are you looking for more confidence and decisiveness?
- Would you like to live from a more authentic space?

Then this introduction webinar is for you!

Pleasing behaviour can be a major obstacle in both your relationship and your professional life. Withholding or telling only part of your truth usually provides a short-term advantage, but in the long run you will inevitably get it back on your plate. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of "not being OK the way you are" are usually the underlying negative beliefs that lead to pleasing behavior. In order to avoid these fears, men flee on the one hand in the pleasing Nice Guy identity and on the other hand in the tough "I know it all" Macho identity. While the Nice Guy generally struggles with recognizing his masculine qualities, the Macho struggles more with embracing his feminine qualities. Both the Nice Guy and the Macho are fear based identities.

Power of community and brotherhood are of great help in the process of releasing these fear driven identities. You get motivated when you are surrounded by men who support you, men who challenge you and men who trust you. Speaking your truth (raw and vulnerable) and the ability to accept all your emotions are powerful tools to make your life more authentic and real.

This Mankracht Introduction webinar gives you a good impression of the supporting effect of brotherhood on your personal development, your relationships and your professional life. We will go into the characteristics of the ineffective Nice Guy and discuss tips to develop a healthier and more assertive attitude towards life. In addition, the following questions will be answered:

- What exactly is a Nice Guy?
- What is the alternative to a Nice Guy?
- Why a No More Mr Nice Guy training?
- What does the training look like?
- What does the training offer you as a participant?

Living from your own powerful and authentic self is very valuable and usually an inspiration to others. I think the world is in desperate need of more authentic men who have the courage to give their unique gift to the world. I am convinced that men need each other right now to shape masculinity in a new way. A masculinity that fits the 21st century.

- Registration fee for this webinar is 10 euro.
- Participants of the webinar will receive a discount on the 2 months Mankracht Basic ONLINE training that kicks off in November
- The maximum number of participants of this online webinar is 12.
- Remember that this is an INTERACTIVE session. Your engagement is important.

After registration you will receive a link that is valid on the day of the session. The webinar will be executed using the program Zoom. You will find more information in the registration mail.

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di 05 jan 2021 om 20:00
di 05 jan 2021 om 22:30


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