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Join the largest Midsummer's Eve Celebration in Holland! You will enjoy the sacrament of ancient Ukrainian traditions and authentic Ivana Kupala’s festivities. Like in the old days, we celebrate this party on a beach and dive into the magical atmosphere of the Kupala Night. We will bring drive, beauty, traditional flavor and summer energy together, so don’t miss out this magical event!

We offer an action-packed daytime and evening program for children and adults, couples, and singles. So bring your family, friends and experience new customs and cultures together!

Entertainment program:
- Ritual fire jumping
- The magic of ancient rituals - Divination by wreaths
- Kupala traditional songs and dances
- Flower crowns & wreaths workshop
- Body art - Aqua make-up for children and adult

Special guest - DJ Gabber from Kiev.

Do you loves delicios food? Then you have to try out the signature dish from restaurant De Staat - mouthwatering BBQ. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options are equally delicious.

*Children under 16 free entrace.
* All mans with named Johannes ( Ivan in Ukrainian) and derived from this name like Jan, John, Johnny etc - free entrace by showing your ID.

Wanneer en waar?

za 01 jul 2017 om 17:00
za 01 jul 2017 om 00:00
Strandpaviljoen De Staat
Strand Zuid 4
2583ZZ Den Haag


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