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Dark Electro bij PoGo!

Constantly exploring new musical concepts, Hocico creates dark and aggressive sounds: nightmarish atmospheres, classical landscapes, and driving beats charged with adrenaline and fury. They channel the violence, isolation, and social misconduct of Mexico City into their music to exhibit what society has wronged - letting the music speak for itself.
After being active for 21 year in the underground scene Hocico has become one of the most influential bands of the harder electronic music genre. Hocico is one of the most active bands in the underground music scene, both live and in the studio. They have released 9 albums, a hanfdul of live DVD’s and countless singles to date.

Coming from his cyber-punk world Shaârghot appeared in the French music scene with the refinement of a steamroller! Help with his “Shadows” Shaârghot tend to organize a huge event to dynamite everything!
The electro metal indus band blow the whole kit and caboodle behind them, leaving as many traces of black paint as hematomas. Playing with the crazy Little BIG, the unavoidable Punish Yourself and the king of the dark electro Hocico. Shaârghot keeps getting themselves talk about with their very energetic shows, theirs performance with post-apocalyptic costumes and their martial metal.
After having giving a blast in the famous festival “m’era luna” in Germany and the release of a new video clip highly noteworthy, the band is actually working on a new EP planned for 2017.

Terrifying was formed in 2008 by Arjan en Natalie.
In 2012 they released their first album "Next Level". The style is electro/Industrial with dark melodies.
Gilbert who did guest vocals on the song "our passion" later joined the band as leadsinger and to complete the bands live performance Marcel joined the band as a live drummer.
Terrifying is now working on their new album called "Free of Mind" and will play live where they can!


Wanneer en waar?

do 30 mrt 2017 om 20:30
vr 31 mrt 2017 om 02:00
Podium Gorcum
Grote Haarsekade 120
4205 Gorinchem


Peter Staal
Mail event organisator